Recommended music — Amar : Childhood by Armand Amar

The Great Gatsby

What happens if you speed up the video playback of a movie full of symbology and over the top human etiquette like The Great Gatsby? Not ordinary playing it at average speed, but at 4 times the speed. This was possible using VLC.

The English words murmured by the actors turned into a gibberish language at such speed. It makes the vocal and dialogue redundant. It is no longer an element that you need to focus on.

At such speed, all movement portrayed by the actors becomes more mechanical looking. Their…

What we perceive as ugly or ordinary today could be perceived as beautiful and extraordinary in the future.

We find mundane buildings dull because we see them too often. Too ordinary. And for that, we exaggerate the dullness of the building. Just as people in the 18th century live around buildings that they consider familiar, but became extraordinary in our time.

What does it mean to look at an object and perceiving its inherent beauty? Your judgement of beauty is dependent on what you perceive as ugly. There is no beauty without ugly. When your sense of ugliness is very deep, then it is relatively easier to perceive an ordinary object as beautiful. For example, if you surround…

Recommended music to accompany the text: Hibiscus by WYS

Jim has kindly called me in the morning as promised to inform me of his arrival at around 130pm to help me with my light fitting installations.

When I first met Jim in person, there was an aura of naturalness in him that makes it very easy to connect with him.

Jim came along with his buddy, Rik.

Rik was equally easygoing.

Together they are an authentic bunch, and it was truly pleasant to be around them.

They are interesting beings.

“What is your story here?”

“I have been working here…

Here is a philosophical question. What happens if Western-born parents adopt the Asian way of raising their children? What happens if Asian born parents assume the Western way of raising their children?

The Western way of raising children is to support their growth towards maturity with reasonably limited intervention. By the time a threshold is reached, generally by the age of 18 years old, the parents will adopt an utterly non-intrusive approach. They will offer their children complete independence to manage their studies and finance, and matters in society. Therefore, the amount of sacrifice is relatively limited.

I want my…

Please tune into these two pieces of music on Spotify. They represent the mood when capturing these photos and also the story behind them.

  1. Countah by Ajmw
  2. True Friends by Ajmw

A machine that I have created

Has come to serve me alone.

For I am part of the unified human minds

That invent and made this machine

I remember when I was very much younger, at the tender age of 6, entering primary school for the first time, to attend my first class.

The class was named 1Y and it was at the ground level of Yuk Chai Primary school. My Indonesian maid was stationed outside the class for the whole afternoon so that I could see her. Her presence gave me assurance that I am not left alone with a group of strangers. When she disappears for a break, I would burst into tears out of fear.

I was terrified of my new environment because in…

Of all the five senses that our body is equipped with, only one sense can be switched off voluntarily. That is sight.

We can close our eyes and turn off all visual information that gets into our mind for processing. You cannot voluntarily switch off your sense of smell, hearing, taste or touch. Try it.

Our mind relies on all five senses to create that mental picture, rupa. And through this mental picture, we form concepts around it, we objectify it. It becomes an object that exists in its own right. …

I wrote these ten poems after a blissful walk around the city around sunset. The poems are accompanied with descriptions of its meaning.

When someone is wise,

He is wise not because he is wise,

But he was just lucky.

A person becomes wiser when one discovers something that is of surprise to him, something beyond his ignorance. Wisdom, when attained always comes as a surprise. Imagine waking in a vast space of emptiness while being blind folded and …then hitting a wall, the moment of hitting the wall will always comes as a surprise. The vast space of emptiness is ignorance. The bigger our ignorance, the bigger this space would be. The act of being blind folded is a reflection of our…

I have a hypothesis. Our self image, the ego image is made up of our image of those closest to us. We behave, we think, we act, we feel in resemblance with those images in our head. The key is on how that mental image is constructed in our heads. Do recall that our mental image in our mind is not the true image of the object being observed. So we could have an exaggerated mental image of a person. And we will use these collection of mental image to form our own self-image.

The more closer we are to…

These are just my interpretation, not speaking as if it is the absolute truth.

If one is not entirely free from ignorance. One cannot claim that he holds the absolute truth in anything he believes, because one cannot possibly have an understanding of the full context on which he base his claim from. Having an understanding of the full context requires no ignorance.Therefore, one who claims the absolute truth while still not entirely free from ignorance is ignorant. There will be exceptions, when one is entirely free from ignorance, and through repeated investigation, can find himself holding the absolute truth…

Zhen Ming Ng

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