An afternoon in Amsterdam

Please tune into these two pieces of music on Spotify. They represent the mood when capturing these photos and also the story behind them.

  1. Countah by Ajmw
  2. True Friends by Ajmw

A machine that I have created

Has come to serve me alone.

For I am part of the unified human minds

That invent and made this machine

A hole through a trash can

Is just another small frame

A frame that sees the world only through that small frame

See the world without a frame,

One would see the bigger picture.

A hole through consciousness

Is just another perspective

A perspective that sees the world only through that perspective

See the world without a hole,

And you will see the world as it is.

I live in a modern city.

A city with defined edges and forms.

Oh, how contrast this is

To the formless water underneath.

The tree looked chaotic,

Looked closer into the cellular level,

One finds order within chaos,

The position of the windows on the building looked ordered

Looked closer on one feet distance from the wall,

One finds chaos within order.

Order and chaos depend on each other.

What is it like to live a life where

Your apparent usefulness is dependent on the opposite half

Once abandoned,

Lost forever.

Unless picked up by an open-minded individual

I am a building that happily collects rain water.

What is the concept of symmetry?

It rests upon the idea that one cannot exist without another

For without the other, there can be no concept of symmetry

Asymmetry cannot exist without symmetry

Therefore life is a symmetry, and also a asymmetry.

I am a building that breathes CO2

No one can tell me what I ought to identify myself

No one can tell me how I ought to identify myself

Not even the sexiest modern Mercedes

I am an identity locked in time

Flying high above the rest

Therefore I deserved to be focused

Not in the photo, but in the mind..

Of the viewer.

Thank you for giving me my spotlight


I was born in 1956

And she was born in 1966

Together with this car,

We went on an unforgettable honeymoon together

From Austria

To Hungary

I stand guard forever,

As they cycle on.

Day after day,

No one bothered about my existence

Until someone clicked the shutter

Years before they arrived,

The boat was powered by the man and the woman

To serve the man and the woman

Years after they arrived,

The boat was powered by the man and the woman

To serve the man and the woman

And the family.

Let’s play hide and seek with dad.

Because it’s fun to make him look silly

Little did they know,

In hunter-gathering times,

Mastering hide and seek means life or death

I am the only toilet in the world

That makes a kid wonder about my magnificent creation

The plant has found refuge in the brick wall in an apparent random order.

You wonder if they deliberately choose their location to sprout.

I sit outside to soak the sun.

I sit outside to soak the atmosphere.

By doing so

I am absorbed into the present.

Do you want a buy a brand new Nikon D950?

I have one.

He said with a cheeky smirk.

If the girl choose to sit the opposite way

An unexpected connection will be established between two humans

A castle in our backyard.

Possible in the Netherlands.

Witnessing a free performance

With Covid approved social distancing

Children learn how to bike after 3 years on Earth

Children learn how to walk after 9 months on Earth

Children learn how to speak after 2 years on Earth

Fish learn how to swim after 1 second on Earth.

And yet we dare say that they are more inferior than us.

There seems to be a convention to sit facing West.

Colours does not exist

They exists only in our minds

If colour only exists in our mind,

How does a flower knows what colour to evolve to?

Because it is shaped by the observer who sees colour

I feel cool today.

Because I am high.

The weather is great

And I am wearing sunglasses

And a matching black collar shirt.

Home sweet home

I cannot allow anyone to see me.

For whatever reason, that could raise suspicion.

So that no one will enter my mind to peek.

My thoughts are private.

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