I wrote these ten poems after a blissful walk around the city around sunset. The poems are accompanied with descriptions of its meaning.

When someone is wise,

He is wise not because he is wise,

But he was just lucky.

A person becomes wiser when one discovers something that is of surprise to him, something beyond his ignorance. Wisdom, when attained always comes as a surprise. Imagine waking in a vast space of emptiness while being blind folded and …then hitting a wall, the moment of hitting the wall will always comes as a surprise. The vast space of emptiness is ignorance. The bigger our ignorance, the bigger this space would be. The act of being blind folded is a reflection of our ignorance of our ignorance. That wall is wisdom. When you are totally blind, to hit a wall in a vast space of emptiness would require luck in the form of spontaneity. Therefore, a man is wise because he is lucky.

What is one’s man image

When there is no other man

Than himself

It can be clearly demonstrated that one’s person self image is artificially constructed from a combination of mental images of others. If I look highly on Pa, a mental image of him will be part of my self-image. We are shaped by our culture. Our society is shaped by culture. We live in societies with other people. We live in close proximity with a few people who we are close with. These people appear in our minds more often than those who are rarely in contact with us. I construct my self-image based on my mental image of these people. This poem suggests what would one man’s self image be like when there is no other man to construct his own image from. It would be a world without the ego, as the ego cannot exist naked. However paradoxically, we will never understand ourselves without the other.

Red bull,

Sporty cars,

Stylist wear,

They are my gods,

And I am his slaves.

This poem stems from my observations of others who over identify their self-image with material things. So self-image could extend beyond humans, but into objects. The false self believes that it could extend itself through identification with objects. If I could own my body to make me feel like something, I could also own a sports car or dress stylist to make me feel some other way. Just as it is true to say that the body is our god since it is the body that kept us alive, and without the body I would be nobody, a slave. The same could be said about the sports car if one build his self-image on it, a slave to it. If suddenly the sports car disappeared, my self-image disintegrate.

What is the grass without humans?

What is the humans without grass?

Human with grass.

Grass with human.

Together they are one.

This poem stems from my observations of group of people who have gathered around a grassy park. I cannot observe the the activities of the humans without having the grass in the background. And the same could be said about the opposite, I cannot observe the activities of the grass without the humans in the background. They are interrelated in the deepest sense.

When one attach him own image by his image of others,

One has chosen to say

‘I will shackle myself in chains with all these people’

‘They move, I move’

‘They dress. I dress’

‘They change, I change’

This is a continuation from the poem about self-image. If I choose to admire an idol, immediately my mental image of that idol will form a part of my self-image. How the idol behaves, will subconscious influence the way I behave, in a degree significantly more than, say from a person that means little to me. It is not necessarily always have to be bad. The lesson is to know who or what you choose to create your self-image from. The best answer? From within.

Sport is to the body,

Meditation is to the mind

People who sport like to not grasp their body

Therefore discovering the true body

People who meditate like to not grasp their mind

Therefore discovering the true mind

An analogy between sports and meditation to get the reader to understand what it takes to get to the ‘root’ or ‘essence’ of the mind and body. People who do sports do not get over focused with their body, they just do sports. When one is playing badminton to lose weight, as one plays badminton, one plays badminton, one does not get over focused with trying to improve their body while playing badminton. People who do meditate do not get over focused with their mind, they just do meditation. When one is meditating to reach nirvana, as one meditate, one meditates, one does not get over focused with trying to improve their mind while meditating. The hidden lesson, the true mind is no mind.

The waves rock the boat,

The boat rocks the waves,

The man sees the boat,

The boat sees the man

This poem stems from my observation of a boat in a wavy canal, and it is an extension to the grass and human poem.

What is Buddhism for?

Buddhism is like hide and seek in reverse

The hidden find the finder

The finder hide the hidden

Therefore the hidden can be found

Therefore the finder can be hidden

That finder is the ego

And that hidden is your true self

This poem is an exaggeration of the notion to make the point that Buddhism is all about finding something that normal ignorant humans find it so difficult to attain, and yet it is already in us. Nirvana or Buddha. We all have Buddha within ourselves. In the context of this poem, the Buddha or our true selves is the hidden one and the ego (or ignorance) is the finder, in this hide and seek in reverse. The finder hides the hidden, i.e. the ego hides the true selves. The hidden finds the finder, i.e. the true self finds the ego (finding in this sense means knowing that the ego/ignorance exist and therefore banishing its significance). This hide and seek in reverse will end with the hidden be found, i.e. the true self be found. And the finder be hidden, i.e. the elimination of the ego/ignorance. Get it?

When energy fields come in close contact,

They un-attract.

They attract.

When two energy fields attracts,

They un-grow.

They grow.

When two energy fields grow,

They intersect

This poem arises from my observation of couples that from a distance express strong attraction with each other. I see each living being as being a concentrated field of energy. And with any forms of energy, it has high and lows. And this Qi can either attract or repel with each. A person with compassion energy have an attractive field of energy. A person filled with hatred will have a repulsive field of energy. When two energy fields attract each other, it will grow in size bigger than combined. And as such, they will intersect.

When someone says to you, ‘Control yourself!’

There is no such thing as controlling the self.

As controlling requires a controller.

Who would be the controller?

This poem arises spontaneously in my thought. The words most often use by most Asian parents to their misbehaving children, ‘Control yourself’ will only serves to reinforce the false-self in their children. It strengthens the notion of a controller. A controller that exists independently, to control something, the body or the presumed corrupted mind.

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