How you speak shows your level of ignorance

These are just my interpretation, not speaking as if it is the absolute truth.

If one is not entirely free from ignorance. One cannot claim that he holds the absolute truth in anything he believes, because one cannot possibly have an understanding of the full context on which he base his claim from. Having an understanding of the full context requires no ignorance.Therefore, one who claims the absolute truth while still not entirely free from ignorance is ignorant. There will be exceptions, when one is entirely free from ignorance, and through repeated investigation, can find himself holding the absolute truth. That exception was Buddha.

To be in the journey to be free from ignorance, do not speak as if you hold the absolute truth, speak as if you believe that you are likely to hold the truth. In that way, you are acknowledging that your claim is falsifiable, which is true. You will never be attached to your ideas, leaving just enough room for further exploration.

Think about it, if you believe that you absolutely hold the truth to something, you stop investigating. Non-investigation means that you close all doors for further investigation, it is a hard stop. What if your absolute truth is not really the truth, but you stoped investigating because you became attached to your truth. Be definition, ignorance has prevented you from realising the truth. Your energy would be all about spreading the claims about your absolute truth and defending it from criticism. And it is difficult to get others to jump straight into your bandwagon to believe the truth absolutely immediately, as if you are teleporting a person from A to B, where B is the truth that you claim, and the distance between A and B is very far. You are pulling.

Think about it, if you believe that you are likely to hold the truth to something, but not absolutely, you continue to investigate. Investigation is welcoming, it is not a hard stop. You are not allowing ignorance to stop you from getting closer to the absolute truth. There will be a continuous room for you to further investigate the truth. When you spread the claims about your belief (not an absolute belief), it is easier for others to join along with your investigation, as if you are bringing the person from A to B along with you by walking, and the distance between A and B is very small. You are not pulling, they will come by their own accord.