Recommended music to accompany the text: Hibiscus by WYS

Jim has kindly called me in the morning as promised to inform me of his arrival at around 130pm to help me with my light fitting installations.

When I first met Jim in person, there was an aura of naturalness in him that makes it very easy to connect with him.

Jim came along with his buddy, Rik.

Rik was equally easygoing.

Together they are an authentic bunch, and it was truly pleasant to be around them.

They are interesting beings.

“What is your story here?”

“I have been working here since February”

“My previous work was all about lift maintenance”. He points out the window to show me the high-rise window lifts that window cleaners use to lift themselves to the window.

“However, a serious leg injury from an indoor football game has changed it all”

“It is no longer safe for me to work in that industry anymore.

He pulled up a section of his jeans to show me his injured leg.

“How did you end up working for Our Domain?”

“I have been working here for 1.5 years”

“And I have 45 years of technician experience”, he said proudly.

“I am 62 years old!”, he explains further.

“Wow!!! I am impressed with your qualifications, and you seem to look much younger than you really are”

He smiled.

How do you find your work?

“I love it because no single day is the same”

“I could work in plumbing one day, and then woodwork the other day, the variety is endless”

And presumably also because you get to work with… Jim?

“No no he is a nightmare”, Rik replies sarcastically.

“I love working with Jim”

“How do you find your new work?”

“Oh I love it, I enjoy my work very much”

“I loved the fact that I could work with nice people”

“You mean people like Rik?”

“Yes!” He laughs.

“Are you both friends outside work?”, I asked

“We are friends, yes”

“No, no, we are brothers!”, one of them replied.

“Yes, we are brothers!”, the other echoed.

“These Philip lights are so elegant and cool!”

“You have really cool tattoos on your forearm”

“The artwork on my left forearm comes from the Māori culture”

“And I had it from Suriname”

“Despite working with Jim for only 2 months”

“I felt that I was able to have an understanding with him that is unspeakable”

“Do you meant that when Jim needs a screw to complete the task..”

“And you just know that he needs it, and you provide what he needs spontaneously?”

“In other words, you can anticipate his needs like a real buddy?”

“Yes that’s right!”

Thank you, gentleman.

For showing me what it is like to find real joy and meaning in your work.

For showing me what it is like to have a trusting friendship with someone.

For showing me what it is like to be easygoing with life.


For your help in materialising the design of my new home.

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